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... Because heavier slides are also more difficult to manipulate, especially with lighter strings or a lower action, as you can easily press too hard on the strings, and bump into the fretboard. Retune the guitar, put a capo on the 1st fret, and then measure the action at the 12th fret again. My new resonator has an action that is playable (but takes effort) for fingerstyle, and also works for slide. Remember, you can always come back and raise the treble or bass strings a bit more if you find your slide is hitting the frets. Includes 9+ hours of in-depth training on all aspects of guitar. For starters, I suggest adjusting the action to 4/64" on both the 1st and 6th strings. But I've happily played slide on all my guitars, as long as the action was high enough that I didn't clank the frets. Take your guitar tone, productions and recordings to the next level with the debut course from Mark Marshall: Producing & Recording Electric Guitar. I really like the sound of guitars with trapeze tailpieces for slide. I'd never paid any attention to saddles until the challenge of raising the action arose. I suspect a lot of resonator players on this forum will have their action set at a compromise height for both fingerstyle and slide playability. Got a quick question regarding the action needed for playing slide, particularly on Stratocasters. This tutorial is for Gibson Style guitars. In this slide guitar lesson, I’m going to show you exactly how to set the action for playing slide guitar if you are a beginner. The slide's ahead of the fret by roughly the action height to be in tune and the string-to-string tuning relationship is offset by the saddle compensation to some degree. Adjust the saddles. Finally got the action on my guitar raised properly for slide and wow what a difference a flat saddle makes. The Ultimate Guide to Guitar Slides for the Slide-Curious Players. I get some fine sounds from my Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin, and I occasionally miss my old Harmony Stratotone - that got a gorgeous slide sound. It is really not that hard, but this is the first thing you MUST do if you want to get anywhere playing slide guitar. If you consider all of these elements there is no reason why you can’t capture a fabulous slide tone. Interested how much lower I can get the action but maintain slide … Shimming the nut raised it a bit but the flat saddle was key. Learn More. Strat type guitars …

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