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The Apple logo is iconic. It’s marvelous. Then the easy to recognize name and high-quality performance is all it takes for wallets to open and credit cards to swipe. A well-conceived SEO strategy might not be enough for measuring brand equity. Here is a good rule of thumb: The more times your company organically comes up in an online conversation that discusses your products and services, the more awareness consumers have for your brand. It is the first time a brand crossed the $200 billion threshold. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. If you need assistance with this, let’s talk about taking your brand to the moon. Each of your customers shops with a unique set of preferences. Our first step in valuing the brands was to determine revenue and earnings before interest and taxes for each one. Most consumers interact with businesses that feature a product that matches their buying preferences. There’s demand on top of demand. Google has cornered the global search engine market with a 92% share over the past 12 months, according to StatCounter (Bing, 2.6%, and Yahoo, 1.9%, are miles behind). Customers trust the brand will work seamlessly across all categories in the Apple ecosystem, which has helped make the Cupertino, California-based company … Let’s review the metrics that define the measuring brand equity process. The $234 billion Apple has generated in brand equity theoretically could allow the company to sell all of its brands to cash-rich Facebook or Microsoft. Social Media,, Apple’s iPhone sales have dropped in recent quarters, particularly in China, where cheaper rivals Huawei Technologies and Xiaomi have gained traction. The projected growth speaks to the power of the Apple brand. Website Design Email: When it comes to measuring brand equity, why Apply? Lines form out the door not just to the curb, but around the block and back again. One-third of Apple’s value comes from the company’s numerous brands. Traditional media outlets face a rising star in the form of podcasts. So, how do you measure brand equity? Facebook Ads Agency Review the following financial metrics to determine where your company’s brands stand: Output is simply measuring brand equity through your company’s marketing efforts. For example, a restaurant should upload video content and recipes that help people learn how to prepare special dishes. The term refers to the value generated by a premium brand compared to the value generated by generic competitors. Look at how brand equity has helped Apple generate a $234 billion premium in company value. Apple is The Beatles of the electronics device niche. The company’s services division includes its App Store, Apple Pay, iTunes, cloud services and more. Once you identify the preferences of potential customers, you can turn the customers into loyal patrons of your business. Make it phenomenal content. One more note about Apple and measuring brand equity. H&M had the biggest fall, down 12% to $11.5 billion. The key is to develop a consistent brand message that implements one or more of the following branding strategies. Branding works! Implementing data automation and artificial intelligence (AI) resources should explain what all the data means. Apple spends around $2 billion each year in advertising, which is a mere 0.9% of the company’s $234 in brand equity. I've profiled a bunch of athletes that go by one name: LeBron, Shaq, Danica and others. From its “1984” ad to its dancing silhouettes for iPod, Apple has been an advertising powerhouse since the ’80s. It is important to measure the return on your marketing dollars, especially the online traffic generated by digital marketing tactics.

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