ball lightning caught on camera

Subscribe Share. Yesterday. He added that although Tregubov was filming from a safe distance, it’s best not to get closer to these balls of fire, but that the worst thin someone can do is to run away. 1. Ball lightning is a lightning phenomenon that happens during thunderstorms. It’s rare and unpredictable, which is why researchers don’t know much about it. Rumble / Lightning Strikes — Nature is absolutely unpredictable. This was published 4 years ago. They believe this means that the ball lightning caught on video was a product of the lightning bolt's interaction with the earth. Rare Ball Lightning Caught On Camera. Ball lightning is an unexplained phenomenon described as luminescent, spherical objects that vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter.Though usually associated with thunderstorms, the phenomenon is said to last considerably longer than the split-second flash of a lightning bolt. Embed License Share. A mysterious ball of lightning appears along railway tracks somewhere in Europe. 3 seconds of real-time video slowed down to show the ball lightning’s evolution in shape, color, and brightness and its associated spectrum.. One popular theory is that ball lightning is caused when lightning striking the ground vaporizes some of the silicate minerals in soil. chiltepin Published November 6, 2013 326,315 Views. 4:10. After crossing the railway tracks, the mysterious glowing blue orb … Ball lightning has also been associated with earthquakes. Some nineteenth century reports describe balls that eventually explode and leave behind an odor of sulfur. I can’t imagine another phenomenon with such glowing effect,” he said. See 'Stunning' Fireball in the Sky Caught on Camera ... looked like lightning, but then I turned and saw the fireball descending and fragmenting,” Matthew K. of … Ball lightning caught on camera. The strange phenomenon known as ball lightning that has been reported for centuries was caught, by chance, on high-speed video by researchers studying conventional lightning… “Judging by how it changes color, form and by how it moves with the wind - it actually most probably is ball lightning. Picture via TikTok video. The rare flashes of light sometimes seen around earthquakes can take many forms: bluish … THE GENDERUWO - Fire Ghost Caught on Camera - 1 rumble. Save Then the ball lightning follows the tracks before crossing them after a little while. August 5, 2016 — 5.37pm. You can never be too sure what a single tiny movement might do to cause a shift in the whole ecosystem.

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