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I noticed smoother skin and not as many dry flakes. Aku kayaknya kurang cocok deh. And this is an honest review depends on my own experience. ( Log Out /  Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ternyata hasilnya bagus banget yah, bikin keliatan tambah glowing jugaetherealpotato, gemes banget yah packagingnyaa.. aku belum pernah coba produk apapun dari Benton, kayaknya yang ini bisa aku coba, soalnya kulitku sensitiif :"", Aku sempat kira dia yang bikin aku breakout tapi ternyata karena aku lagi haid haha :"), Past lg test kayaknya harus pas ga wktunya haid ya hahah ak jg suka jerawatn klo pas haid. Right now I want to talk about Benton PHA Peeling Gel*. Purito products are 100% EWG Gree... Are you using Line Messenger? The peeling toner is free of artificial fragrance, coloring, PEG and other harmful chemicals. Penasaran juga sama PHA ini, resultnya oke bisa bikin wajah cerah. It absorbs quickly into my skin. I still recommend any with extremely sensitive skin to try this. Aku udah pakai benton bha tonernya 2 botol dan rasanya excited banget kalau sekarang udah ada pha nya dong :) Semoga pha ini cepetan masuk indo deh biar segera cicip hihi, Ternyata bagus juga yaa BENTON PHA Peeling Toner ini bikin wajah keliatan lebih plumy dan pori-pori wajah juga tersamarkan, aku pengen toner ini :( kok bagus ya huhuhuuu nyesel ga daftar, ternyata bagus hahahaa semoga di jual di sociolla ya biar bisa beli, Wah jd penasaran deh.. produk produk dr benton tuh emang selaku bikin kepo soal nya bnyak bgt yg suka dan ada progress nya, Wah ini nih toner yang bikin penasaran. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Harus coba nih ��, Coba yg pha ini hehe. Natural Moisturizing Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Wipes all around the face, avoiding eyes and mouth area. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Wet a cotton pads with the toner ( 3-4 pumps ), 2 . Just a quick search up on cosdna, the product utilises gentle ingredients without any major irritants. Boleh emg rekomen buat kulit kering sama sensitif klo pha itu mba . Combined with hydrating ingredients, it avoids leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. I would also like to highlight multiple moisturising ingredients which makes it ideal for those with dry skin. I am an accountant by day and beauty junkie by night. Benton PHA Peeling Toner mengandung PHA dengan pH rendah yang dapat menghilangkan sel … ( Log Out /  Benton cakep yaa..Toner yang bisa bikin kulit nyaman meskipun sedang gak dalam kondisi terbaik. It is also mild enough for sensitive skin. Benton launched new exfoliation products. " Yes indeed! It may take slower to get to the final point, but it works. apaan lagi ini haha, banyak ya varian toner tuh dari hydrate sampe peeling toner semuanya lengkap, kalau aku tonernya pake yang benton ijo itu loh, lupa detail nya hehe. Yay Today I'm so excited to share my Peripera Peri’s Ink review. I am going to start off sharing my thoughts. It contains 150ml of product, which can last for more months as the usage recommendation is 2-3 times a week. ( Log Out /  That said, the product itself isn’t bad. So, other than exfoliates dead skin, this toner also has hydration function. Like their recent peeling gel, the key element to this toner is PHA. Hehe. It’s Ayu, again. aku suka banget sama yg aloenya itu. So far ,I havent found bad side effect after using this toner, will update more in a complete review on my blog soon. The pump is very convenient so we can take out the product easily. Im sorry that I cant keep update my blog as my health condition wasnt really good in the past 2 ... Hi everyone ^^ , I'm being productive these day haha. BENTON PHA Peeling Toner 150 ml. Benton PHA Peeling Toner contains natural moisturising factor, chrysanthemum extract and Lactobionic acid (PHA). It is a brand new exfoliator in the form of peeling gel. Im glad that my skin get better and better each day, will update the price after it launched on the web, This toner was sent by @bentoncosmetic for review purpose. Jadi waktu Benton ngumumin mereka cari reviewer untuk produk selanjutnya, peeling toner ini, aku langsung daftar dong! Aku pecinta toner Benton, ini pun lagi pakai yang BHA. Sebelumnya aku sudah baca banyak review positif produk peeling gel dari series yang sama. This makes it suited for people with sensitive skin or to be used on a daily basis. I've ever worn all of these cou... Hi, on July I purchased some beauty stuffs and got freebies from Kawai Beauty Japan. Bisa buat kulit sensitif juga ya, wah aku kayaknya mesti cobain nih �� sejauh ini aku suka sama produknya benton karena mild ��, The results are very positive Love it xoxo Cris, Oh i really like the luminous effect that this toner provides! Thankfully, I got chosen hehe. It removes dead skin cells without damaging the deeper layers. Like their recent peeling gel, the key element to this toner is PHA. Your skin definitely look more brighter and moist. For me personally, since I don’t have super sensitive skin, using other exfoliants just give me the results faster which I prefer. ini mild juga ya kaya yg aloe veranya? Im using this 2-3 times a week along with my skincare routines. The other good thing is that this help to sooth and calm my acne and redness. To remove dead skin cells. Pores are getting less visible as well. As you may have seen, some time ago I wrote a review of the Benton Cosmetic PHA peeling gel, which was pretty good for my skin. Ak blum coba yg bha, Gemes bgt dong warna baby blue gini beph, harganya coming soon ya ditunggu deh hhi, Wah, kelihatan ya bedanya. And of course its safer to bring this toner on a trip. Hai Everyone. The pump is very convenient so we can take out the product easily. Though its water-like texture it does give moisture and hydrates my dry skin well. Kulitku keriiing. Recently my skin gets dull and dryer on the nose area and acnes appears on some areas. Just like their original TT mist, the design was poorly designed. aku juga menggunakan beberapa produk Benton di rumah, alhamdulillah selalu cocok sama Benton ini. Asalnya tadinya berminyak banget jadi berkurang. I feel like Benton needs to invest more into product planning instead of churning out products. In terms of effectiveness, I slowly introduced this in my routine at the start increasing it from to 2-3 times a week and to eventually 4 days per week. PHA is more gentle in comparison to the other chemical exfoliants, and is more hydrating and gentle to the skin. Yes I know, I have been a harsh critic on this but at the end of the day, this product is designed for people with extremely sensitive skin. The texture of the toner is lightweight and water-like. Benton PHA Peeling Gel Review. I’m lucky enough to get another chance to try Benton products first before they sell it for the public. Because it works on a much gentler scale, it also is suited to people who are photosensitive and those whose skin is not compatible with AHA/BHAs. Now, let’s talk about this toner highlight. Hi! It’s a slow process but I guess, you can’t rush it skincare. PHA is a third generation chemical exfoliant, sister to AHA and BHA. I fell in love with this lip stain,. For business related enquiries, please contact me on, [Review] By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel, Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream Review. The veterans of Korean skincare already know all about peeling gels. Factor ingredients keep our skin to stay moist and hydrate. Benton PHA Peeling Toner Review Benton PHA Peeling Toner. Recommended for the following skin types: [ SPONSORED ] : BE BEAUTIFUL AND STYLISH WITH LOVE... [ SPONSORED ] : Best Birthday Gift for Bestfriend ... 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