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Panaganip ng kathang dakila., The rest of the winners for the special awards are as follows: Michele Gumabao, Miss Creamsilk; Muriel Orais, Binibining Philippine Airlines (PAL); Shane Tormes, Miss Friendship and Best in Talent; Eva Psychee Patalinjug, Face of, Adding color were a Korean Traditional Folklore Group show, a Chef War which put the spotlight on upcoming homegrown chefs, the Ginoong Bangkero pageant and the Lakan at, To those asking why she wasn't able to join the other, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Why Gazini Ganados wants Miss U pageant to be held abroad, WATCH: Pia Wurtzbach reveals what reigning Binibining Pilipinas queens 'won't admit', Binibining Pilipinas 2019: The beautiful flag-bearers, Bayanihan Qatar promotes workers' welfare through sports, 'Find that spark': Gazini Ganados shares message to Filipinos on Independence Day, LOOK: Bb. Miss Ramos … Binibining Aklan. Translation in English. Binibini sa aking pagtulog. There are many versions of this song - by Noel Cabangon, Janno Gibbs and Daniel Padilla. unmarried woman noun. To offer to you. (. In this song, it is used in a very fond manner, so you have to take note of that. There might be more that I have not found yet. Oh how beautiful it is to offer to you. Oh how beautiful it is to offer to you. Binibini sa aking pagtulog. Sad to say that this song imposes on what a woman should be, since the Philippines is a conservative country, reserved girls tend to be more liked in a general sense (but not now anymore, we live in 2014 for fuck's sake, let's keep our modern values in tact aka promote equality of the sexes), ** this line is different in other versions/revivals of the song. This is one of the most popular songs years ago. You've been known to say, "I'll keep it safe, At the arrival of the lovely morning, I rose suddenly, My dream faded and melted, yet you're still there, Effectively through the strength of pure love, *birhen - translated to "virgin" but the connotation here is someone who has the traits of a somewhat holy-ish girl. Oh how beautiful it is to offer to you. Pretty Lady, When i'm sleeping. In this song, it is used in a very fond manner, so you have to take note of that. 1. Miss Aklan (province of Aklan) Binibining Ramos. Oh how beautiful. Dream that … Translation in English. You will rarely hear it used in ordinary conversations, except perhaps in poetry or song or when referring to contestants in beauty contests. I dream of you. young lady, miss. There are many versions of this song - by Noel Cabangon, Janno Gibbs and Daniel Padilla. There might be more that I have not found yet. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. maiden [médn] binibini. Panaganip ng kathang dakila. binibini. binibini. "Miss Philippines" is called "Binibining Pilipinas… This song kinda brings back the past, or something. Archived Lyrics || Artists 6CycleMind Aiza Seguerra Apo Hiking Society Ben & Ben Brownman Revival December Avenue Eraserheads Imago Itchyworms Jay-R Siaboc Jireh Lim Kitchie Nadal Kyla Moira dela TorreMoonstar88 MYMP Noel Cabangon Rachelle Ann Go Rivermaya Roselle Nava Shamrock Silent Sanctuary Sitti Navarro This Band Yeng Constantino ** Just realized that my blog posts no longer show the videos I placed in them (either they were deleted or there was a change in their privacy settings. ★Filipino/Tagalog Songs and ☆English Translations, No doubt this is an excellent post I got a lot of knowledge after reading good luck. Dreams of great fiction. Will fix these when I have more time. Usage Notes: "Binib i ni" is just a formal term nowadays. miss noun. -- "Sa abang altar ng purong pag-ibig", Paraluman - just search her up, she's a very beautiful woman  and is used in Philippine culture to describe a very pretty person, Do credit me if you will be using my translations. Nitong pag-iisip ko. Sorry for the inconvenience! Pilipinas queens salute fellow 'Binibinis' as they prepare to pass crowns, Though she finds Bb Pilipinas final results 'quite a shock,' 2nd runner-up Samantha Bernardo vows to fulfill duties, Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated. The ‘Miss Philippines’ beauty pageant is called the Binibing Pilipinas contest. "birhen" literally means "virgin" but I decided to capitalize it since it is being used here similar to a statue of Virgin Mary. miss, mintis, sala, mis, pagkahuli. Binibini sa aking pagtulog, ika'y panaginip ko, Panaginip ng kathang dakila nitong pag-iisip ko, Young lady in my slumber, you're my dream, It's been said that you are similar to a saint, O kay ganda, o kay gandang mag-alay sa 'yo, O how beautiful, how beautiful it is to serve you, Memory, thoughts and exhaustion; they said I've given them to you, Young lady, my prayers, they said you've listened to them. I doubt most Filipinos wouldn't know this song. Ms. abbreviation. Lady, oh how beautiful. That's because it is the word used for the "Miss" title. Ika'y panaginip ko. You are in my dreams. Binibini (Filipino: Miss or Ms) BB: Ballast Bonus (chartered shipping term) BB: Begin Bracket (Indicator) BB: Bare Base: BB: Base on Balls, Walk (baseball scoring) BB: Bureau of Budget: BB: Butcherblock Mountains (Everquest game) BB: Back Bias: BB: Baby Bullet: BB: Bully Busters: BB: Brass Board: BB: Bovine Babesiosis: BB: Backward Bend (stretching exercise) BB "Binibini" translate to "Miss" or "Young lady". balasang. Of my mind. damsel [dámzel] binibini. Theme of blog is excellent there is almost everything to read, Brilliant post.Certified Translation company. Oh lady, during my sleep. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. binibini. miss [mis] Ika'y panaginip ko. maiden; miss; binibini. Thanks! "Binibini" translate to "Miss" or "Young lady".

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