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We soon met Nic Whitacre, founder of the H-E-R-O Movement, an internet-based advocacy initiative. Since he was an organ donor, the 19-year-old's organs went to five people, and one of them was the Cuban native. At first, Jorge didn't know who his donor was, so he wrote a letter to his donor's family via the United Network for Organ Sharing in hopes it would reach Chris's parents. He was funny, and compassionate, and uniquely his own man. Yes. He was rushed to Tulane University Medical Center and diagnosed with a ruptured brain aneurysm. Everyone who knew him considered him their best friend. It is something that must be endured if the donor family has any hope of passing on some piece of their loved one’s life to another person. And that’s what Chris would want. Not just as a scientific achievement, but as a sincere expression of human kindness. But the rest of the letter was true and sincere, "I cannot possibly imagine the grief caused by your loss, and certainly there are no words anyone can say or write that could extinguish that pain. Oct 16, 2020 — Directed by Lance Hool, the film tells the true story of 19-year-old Christopher Gregory (a ham-fistedly goofy Jacob Elordi), an organ donor who ... 2 Hearts (2020) - Rotten Tomatoes › 2_hearts 1. The mail box was filled every day with cards and letters from loved ones. The process of donating a child’s organs is neither simple nor quick. The salutation and first lines of the letter had been edited by UNOS. The film is based on the real-life story of Jorge Bacardi — of the Bacardi Rum dynasty — and Christopher Gregory, an organ donor who tragically and suddenly passed away at the age of 19 from a brain aneurysm. With much love and respect, The sad thing is that it had to happen to someone so young, and who loved life as much as Chris did. He was nineteen years old, and a freshman at Loyola University New Orleans. It’s been six years, but Christopher’s heart still beats, his eyes still see, and his lungs still draw breath. This Hero Stories Blog is for cherished memories submitted by the families of these Heroes. Every one of them can be a friend or a neighbor. Amidst the chaos and tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic, director Lance Hool tells the inspiring true story of late Loyola student Christopher Gregory, who gave organs to five people after dying from a brain aneurysm in 2008. It came as no surprise to anyone that Chris was a registered organ donor as soon as he had a license to drive. On the day he died, Chris Gregory accomplished more than most of us will if we live to be a hundred. Starring “Euphoria” and “The Kissing Booth” actor Jacob Elordi and “Riverdale”’s Tiera Skovbye, among others, the plot follows the lives of both college freshman Gregory and 64-year-old Bacardi, known for his family’s successful rum and spirits business. Christopher’s organs were donated to five people, one of them being Jorge. He placed greater value in relationships with people than with objects to be possessed. Chris died through no fault of his own. And if they matter, then Chris matters, and his sacrifice means something. October 18th, 2020 3:06 pm, Luanne Martinez on Our family was on vacation, and one night at dinner the conversation somehow drifted to organ donation. Among the various organ recipients was Cuban native Jorge Bacardi, who was in the same hospital as Gregory himself. He never saw it coming and neither did we. But as soon as we were asked, there was no need for hesitation. 2 Responses to “Christopher Gregory’s legacy lives on in “2 Hearts””. This movie was powerful. Yes, it is! The gift of giving even after you have left this world. So too is Mac, who received Christopher’s heart, and is alive today, and keeps postponing his plans for retirement. Can you imagine that? October 26th, 2020 2:19 pm. Even though we were losing our son, lives were being saved. As the communication between Jorge and us increased we decided to meet. Yes, it is! If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. And during that emotion-filled reunion the Bacardis shared with us their plans to construct a house of care at the Mayo Clinic, and name it for Chris. They read, "To Gabriel and his family: I am the recipient of a gift from your son that is beyond repayment. He valued friendship. And so Nic is alive and well, thanks to Chris’ generosity. Nic was literally sent home to die the morning Christopher’s death certificate was signed. Please share with me options in which I cab be a part of. "There’s planes flying all over the country tonight because of your boy,” he said. Then the letter arrived. Though their stories take place in different times and locations, they both unexpectedly fall deeply in love unexpectedly unexpectedly is in here twice. And the love that he had for humanity did not get buried on that cold April morning when we laid him to rest. Luanne. We miss him every day. The letter’s author was Jorge Bacardi. Just a woman from California that has been touched in a great way and who loves with our limits!!!! Chris had been gone only 12 weeks when we got a call from LOPA. Thank you so much for sharing This story. The Mayo Clinic performed the seven-hour surgery, which was a complete success. While Bacardi pursues a flight attendant, Gregory meets a girl at school. There was now a huge hole in our lives where our son once fit so perfectly. All rights reserved. Chris’ heart, lungs, liver, corneas, pancreas and kidneys were given to those who thought they might not live to see another day. That decision has touched the lives of dozens of people. That doesn’t matter. The gift of GOD continues giving. He believed in God, in family, in loyalty and in Mount Saint Joe High School. Did we want it? Everything seemed hopeless until we were asked to consider donating Christopher’s organs. We pray for our son, and for donors everywhere. , Covington, LA 70433 | 1-800-521-GIVE (4483). Then slowly, the cards stopped coming, the doorbell stopped ringing, and people stopped asking. His brothers, his friends, and his parents all gathered around him in the early morning as he received the last rites, and then he was gone. Christopher Gregory November 19, 2015 / Chillon Caraway. And then we waited. Just before saying our good-byes to Chris, Joe took me off to the side. Chris loved everyone. Can you imagine what it means to hear someone say that about your son at such a moment? Since I do not know his real name, I have chosen to refer to him as ‘Gabriel,’ after the Archangel known as the Angel of Incarnation and of Consolation.”. These stories, in particular, are close to home, as they involve some of our own employees. For him there was no greater privilege in life than to serve others. Our family was on vacation, and one night at dinner the conversation somehow drifted to organ donation. To us it does not matter that they might be rich and have a famous name, or if they are anonymous and of simpler means. “2 Hearts” highlights Gregory’s ongoing legacy after the 19-year-old organ donor gave several people in need another chance to live. “2 Hearts” highlights Gregory’s ongoing legacy after the 19-year-old organ donor gave several people in need another chance to live. Jorge and his wife Leslie came to visit us at our home in Maryland in July 2009. About LOPA | Hospitality | News | Professionals | Careers | Contact | Corporate Compliance Reporting, Louisiana Organ Procurement AgencyMAKING LIFE HAPPEN, 68190 Highway 190 Service Rd. It was just a matter of affirming Christopher’s own wish. He accepted you as you were. Our lives are strengthened by friendships founded in gratitude and built on respect. Because every day that they wake up they can love someone. Money and possessions meant little to Chris. Without the seven-hour surgery Bacardi endured in Jacksonville, Florida for his new lungs, it is not likely he would have survived for much longer. But that evening, while he sorted through the important documents his wife would need, he received a call that there was a match. 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