collective noun of people

A collective noun (e.g., team, group, herd) is a word that denotes a group of people or things. Collective nouns of people. Collective nouns are singular words that refer to a group or collection of people, animals or things. Collective nouns are special nouns that are used for groups, usually groups of people. Examples: a bunch of bananas, a litter of puppies, a flock of sheep, and others.. All these examples are seen as one unit, like a swarm of sheep, we don’t count the number of sheep, but we see as a whole that is a flock of sheep. A faculty of academics A troupe of acrobats A cast/company of actors/players A bench of aldermen A conflagration of arsonists A troupe of artistes A team of athletes. B A tabernacle of bakers A babble of barbers A promise of barmen A thought of barons A squad of beaters Words like group, herd, and array are collective noun examples. The noun 'students' is a word for two or more people.A collective noun is a noun used to group people or things in a descriptive way.The standard collective noun for 'students' is a class of students. However, in American English, they are actually singular! When we use a collective nouns, we often refer to them as a group of something for example a board of directors, a band of musicians etc.. Because they describe groups with many members, the words sound like they should be plural. For this reason, many non-native English speakers are confused by collective nouns. Today we list the collective nouns used for the different groups of people. Collective Noun is a name used for a group of people, animals or objects that we group and we refer to as a whole unit that represents its parts.. Here, we’ll take a closer look at collective nouns, and provide even more examples, placing them in context so you can gain a greater understanding of how they work. A collective noun looks singular, but it can be treated as singular or plural depending on whether the word refers to the group as a single entity or to its members as individuals. Learn about collective nouns in English online with Lingolia. A band of men here, known as the Islamists, took matters into their own hands last fall.. A band of musicians Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. In American English, they are used with singular verbs only. Learn collective nouns for people – different groups of people in English (group synonym) with example sentences. A band of men. If you are unaware of what animals are called in groups, Here is an impressive list of collective nouns for groups of animals.Sorry!, Then put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises. In British English, most collective nouns can be used with singular and plural verbs.

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