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Especially when its white color blends so well with the minimalist interiors. Let us know about your innovative glass wall panel … In case you are very particular about the frames that need to be built in, you can check about the same too. Glass corners in the living room and bedrooms are free of any constructive elements to allow full access to the garden.”. Image 19 of 26 from gallery of Glass Wall House / Klopf Architecture. Lots of today’s how to books have a lot of information on lots of other improvement topics, so it is often the investment that will help you with the multiple DIY projects. But that view doesn’t have to be only nature related. Guest lolo. Connection with the outdoors: Connecting the interior living spaces with the exterior is simply a must do if one lives in a house. The sunlight that passes through, the brightness it brings about with no compromise on privacy and the low maintenance has brought about these significant changes. In this particular project, owners had one wish – to stay in touch with their beautiful Alaskan malamute dogs. It doesn’t really matter is it the ocean, city, vegetation or even a supercar, as you’ll have the opportunity to see later in the article. Designed by Los Angeles “starchitect” Steve Herman, this stunning residence is also referred to as “the most minimalist house ever designed”. According to the architects; “the house was designed in an “L” shape to wrap around the swimming pool, facing the public park. You need to take care that the glass you invest in will be able to overcome these issues, and yes there a lot of such glasses that are available in the stores as of now. Post Comment. 6th 1448 Houghton is an incredible modern mansion designed by SAOTA, This Luxury dream home is designed to take maximum advantage of its location, Nettleton 198 is SAOTA’s stunning modern house, LB House designed by Sachar – Rozenfeld Architects, The House in Hong Kong designed by Millimeter Interior Design, The Glass Pavilion is well known example of modern architecture, Round house design: A dog friendly home by 123DV, Elegant Interior Design Achieved With Nature Colors, Minimalist house design: Breathtaking home on the cliffs of Valencia, Modern Desert House Designed For Enjoyable Desert Living, Glass Bathroom Walls In Modern Apartment By SVOYA, Open House Design: Contemporary Home Connected to the Outdoors, Amazing house design with 10+ ideas for inspiration. Required fields are marked *. The contemporary glass art is still evolving and you can get stunning three-dimensional effects with the right incorporation of glass wall panels. Ideal for family homes: Younger kids love playing outside outside, especially during summer months and being a parent, it’s often hard to keep an eye on them. Make sure that all the interior accessories enjoy a good compatibility with the glass wall panels. The connection between the two sides is a double space containing the lobby. Kitchen of fast food. © 2018 Architecture Beast Digital Magazine, part of 5th idea. The result is a modern and a sophisticated art work that has been ruling for the past few years. Advertise There are lots of options and possibilities when it comes to the implementation of external glass walls; from sliding glass doors that slide into the wall, simple folding glass walls connecting the patio with interiors to full wall windows that often enclose upper floors, you name it. And again, there are exterior glass walls to thank for. Interiors filled with daylight: Not only daylight is good for our health, it is good for our finances too. Benefits of having an exterior glass walls as part of your house could also be discussed broadly as there are numerous advantages. “Client’s most important priority for this round house was openness and creating a feeling of freedom so that the inside and outside of the house are blended into one.”. This Luxury dream home is designed to take maximum advantage of its location. Privacy Policy So let’s take a look at some of the best examples how exterior glass walls can improve quality of life and turn homes into modern, elegant masterpieces. Exterior glass walls are almost always used when there’s a unique view from the house that owners want to enjoy in. Another great example of interior glass wall usage is this interesting apartment with Scandinavian interior design. Especially in places like United States you will find a lot of places which will have walls as the new alternative. Just like in the “Over O” apartment, full length curtains are attached … Additionally, to provide maximal openness, the vitrines are disconnected from the columns. Since exterior glass walls offer the possibility to completely open up interiors, all rooms become fresh and well ventilated. 49 Modern Glass Wall Interior Design Ideas By Hary Smith Posted on April 24, 2019. Upper level, especially the west facing side, shows smart usage of large shutters, which are designed to protect space from the setting sun. Join the Architecture Beast community and have the best of modern architecture and design at your fingertips! Glass wall panels combined with double height living room. Wooden elements up the visual temperature and build a welcoming ambience. By using glass walls, interiors become brighter, more comfortable and well lit at all times while the household saves a fortune on electricity bills in a long term. Frameless exterior glass walls eliminated any obstruction that might come between interiors and exterior. The result is a modern and a sophisticated art work that has been ruling for the past few years. And even in the dining room area we can see inside the bedroom, creating a more open feeling all around the apartment, which you can see both on the photos above and below. Driving by the house, one might assume at first glance it … The usage of exterior glass walls especially pays off when they get open and interiors become filled with unique smells of the ocean and surrounding pine forests. Natural ventilation: House ventilation is important but often overlooked topic. This glass wall opens to a pool and landscaped yard designed by Arterra Landscape Architects. Nettleton 198 is SAOTA’s stunning modern house designed to make breathtaking views of the ocean an everyday experience. LB House designed by Sachar – Rozenfeld Architects is perfect example how clever floor plan combined with sliding exterior glass walls can form functional as well as aesthetically pleasing living space while maximising the use of smaller properties. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Since floor plan was rather challenging, architects decided to create double height living room and use glass wall panels to bring daylight into the bedroom. If you are a keen follower of modern house interiors you will notice that how glass walls have taken over dominance. According to the architects; “the transparent design of the garage makes this a dream house for the car enthusiastic owner, who can admire his collection in the living room anytime. The most notable element on the ground floor is large sliding glass wall made out of performance-glass which connects interiors with the central courtyard around which this modern mansion is built. Probably the most imposing piece is two floors high frameless glass wall that separates swimming pool and monumental spiral staircase inside the house. Probably the most impressive area is the living room where both, north and south exterior walls can open, leaving the living room area with nothing but outdoor dining area on one side and infinity pool on the other. And there’s no better solution than large sliding glass walls uniting the patio and garden with, for example, living room. 100+ Walk in shower ideas that will make you wet. These dominating structures are balanced out with dark accented lounges and sleek kitchen diners, all seated within cool grey base decor. Especially in … Disclaimers. That way the textures of the nature – greenery that surrounds the house became part of the interior design. Probably the most imposing piece is two floors high frameless glass wall …

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