how to create a webinar using powerpoint

Before beginning to work on your PowerPoint slides, we can’t stress enough: decide on your topic and what engaging content you want to include in the presentation. Once you’ve entered the workspace and created a New Presentation, you can begin adding new blank slides.However, at this point, I suggest pinpointing the theme and layout of your slides. Now, it’s time to discuss your PowerPoint presentation. The content slide provides buttons that allow you to insert the following: Table, Chart, Smart Art Graphic, Picture, Clip Art, or Movie. Layout defines how content is arranged on a slide. Depending on the type of slide you choose, you can add content other than text. Before long, you’ll have a presentation ready to, well, present. The blue border and sizing handles indicate that the entire placeholder is selected. Nobody likes lengthy-text presentations. All Rights Reserved. Create a powerful welcome slide. - Engage Your Audiences With Video →. Remember, your success will ultimately depend on your message and how you deliver it. How to Make PowerPoint Slides for Webinars, Presenting Your Relevance as a Webinar Host, Making the End of the Webinar the Beginning of a…. So, now you have webinar slides with a consistent theme, so I’d say this is the point to start adding the engaging content. Including a mixture of the above content is essential for an engaging webinar slide deck. Click the Home tab and select New Slide one time for each additional slide you need. So, here are some great tips to keep in mind when using your webinar PowerPoint templates: 1.- Stick to one idea per slide. For webinars, I’d say keep the animations to basic transitions between slides and using auto-play function for videos.Too many animations (text splashing in and spinning), and it can appear excessive for a webinar being viewed by many professional attendees.Autoplaying videos is certainly a function worth adding. Let alone in a webinar! These individual slides can include keywords, pictures, video, and audio too. To fill it out with pertinent information, click the placeholder and either type on it or click to search for other content. It’s really not that complicated. One slide does not make a show, so you will want to create several. Schedule multiple options for viewers to attend presentation. Begin with the basic presentation: In the workspace, you’ll notice that the first slide is there. When you’re satisfied with your presentation, go to File→Save As, navigate to the desired folder (create one in the dialog box if you have not already), name the presentation, and save it. Even if you’ve never touched the software for PowerPoint, but want to use it to create your webinar know this, after a quick primer and a few step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to create your first slide, another, and after that, a more ambitious one. But, be careful to rehearse this beforehand with those speaking within the event. After you fire up PowerPoint, you want to create a new presentation. When you create a slide, it’s blank. Plan Your Content. He is author of Digital SLR Video & Filmmaking For Dummies and is an entertainment news producer for Associated Press. 1. An annoyance, especially if time becomes tight. Use Icons to Make Your Webinar Slide Design More Attractive. You didn’t realize you could create your webinar with PowerPoint? ← G-Cloud 9 Supplier List Revealed & How It Can Help Your Organisation, End Boring Webinars! Engaging slides, polls and handouts will make a big difference. With that in mind, a quick tip for webinar slides: After you’ve inputted the bulk of your content into your slides, you can consider utilizing the many animations that PowerPoint supports. Move the pointer over the border of the title placeholder, and when the cursor appears as a four-headed arrow, click the border. You’ll save time applying changes later, on each individual slide. Besides clicking the button to navigate to your content, you can also drag and drop or copy and paste into the placeholder. PowerPoint supports spell check, but for an extra peace of mind, ensure nothing slips through the cracks and check it through manually beforehand. John Carucci is a writer, photographer, and videographer. From driving registrations to practicing scripts, webinars can be a complicated business at times.However, one part of the planning process can be really simple: creating your webinar slides. Avoid this by having a discussion beforehand, about what needs to be included.

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