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I'm only 24 and have a full time job but I am committed I just need to be told what to do. It was previously thought that only hummingbirds were able to digest sucrose, and that “passerine” nectar-feeding birds (which include sunbirds) lacked the enzyme sucrase, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of cane sugar (sucrose) to the simple sugars (glucose and fructose), and were therefore unable to digest sucrose. Fortunately, the parents were back this morning, feeding it from the floor of our balcony! Sunbirds and hummers are also unrelated – hummers are actually more closely related to swifts than they are to sunbirds. First prize, of course, is not artificial nectar, but having plants in your garden that sunbirds like – one of the very best is Leonotus leonuris (known as lion’s tail or wild dagga), which flowers in May and June, and of course Aloe species, which flower in mid to late winter. When preparing artificial nectar, one can make the same concentration – mixing one cup of table sugar with four cups of water will give 20 % nectar, which is spot-on. All continents except Europe and Antarctica have bird species that rely almost exclusively on nectar as a food source. Decided to put it back on top of a box, and would figure out how to feed it if the parents didn't come back to feed it. This notion was based on the fact that several other “passerine” birds, such as starlings, were indeed found to lack this enzyme, and a generalization was made that no passerines could digest table sugar. hello what is the liquid that u use to feed the sunbirds? Please read all of my other postings ( many with pictures) at this blogsite. The sugar in floral nectar is usually sucrose (table sugar made from cane), glucose (grape sugar) and/or fructose (the sugar found in most other fruits apart from grapes). Hummers are the smallest birds in the world, and the smallest one (Bee Hummingbird) can weigh only half as much as a teaspoon of water weighs (about 2 grams)! Do not use honey. I have a camera on it right now ( so I was hoping to also put the feeder within the line of sight of the camera but I guess that's not such a good idea. A study was then done which showed that scientists had been very wrong indeed, and sunbirds do in fact have the ability to digest sucrose. hi sir, I am so pleased to see this thing. Finally, it is of great interest to many people to compare our sunbirds with American hummingbirds. Dear Ilias,Congratulations!So glad you have made one and some lucky birds found you.At least we are all so happy that it works and the birds are happy.Also wish you can spread this around so that many others can share and help to feed da birds.Cheers and regardsDonald. They would come right to the window where I sit with my computer and chirps crazily! Sunbirds, usually small, are nevertheless a great deal bigger than hummers. Like the diabetes puzzle, another puzzle in the world of nectar-feeding birds is why Protea species often contain another strange sugar in their nectar, xylose (“wood sugar”). This is where it gets tricky. I myself have gone thru this but must admit that I have not succeeded in handling them. We took shots via the remote controller. Babies were ok but I pegged the nest back and the parents came back shortly after. This is also how the Rufous Hummingbird is able to store enough energy to allow it to migrate the length of a continent, from Alaska to Mexico, including crossing the Gulf of Mexico. FOC!May I suggest that all of us Wild bird lovers do the same here and also in Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo and the Philippines since nectar feeders are not available for sale in these countries. We can run any of our tours privately at any time and can also arrange custom itineraries! We use a hot-glue gun to fix it up. It is also useful to note some other things about real nectar before mixing artificial nectar to feed sunbirds. Help. These birds, which include African sunbirds and American hummingbirds, obtain all the energy they need from the sugar contained in nectar. Failing which you could email me at xdonaldghtanx@gmail.comx (please remove all the 'x' before sending email to me. Although it do not do the unique Hummers' "Zippidy-Doo-Dah" actions, they hovers for a very short while but it was lovely seeing them feed this way. All the best. Join our newsletter for exclusive discounts. Just watch this newly shot Video which I have placed at You Tube. We then secure the artificial flower on to the straw. It is very interesting and I wonder if you could help ?? I really need you to help me !! The nest is, would you believe it, outside my apartment which is on the 22nd floor. I left to work an d came home to find ants all through the towel the chic was in and no mother, who usually sits on here babies at night. Drilled a hole large enough to put in a drinking straw. Now there's 3 sunbirds that visit my balconey daily. My question is, if I set one up near the nest, will it attract other birds (sunbird or otherwise) and will these birds harass or otherwise disturb the mother bird/nest/eggs/hatchlings? Hi again blobbes,Such lovely sight seeing a mummy doing her duty. regards. It is very rainy and stormy weather here at the moment and one night the wind blew the nest off the line. I can see six of them near the nest this few days. Although it do not do the unique Hummers' "Zippidy-Doo-Dah" actions, they hovers for a very short while but it was lovely seeing them feed this way. are you using honey n water?how often are the birds using them?i have seen these sunbirds on heliconias, n yes, i have seen some hovering, but mostly, they land n drink. Welcome to our Blog. We keep the balance in the fridge.Regards. See if you can spot him! Snowcap is a Central American hummingbird we often see on our Costa Rica birding tours. Older postings at Birds Talking One can still be read. It is a joy to watch them feed everyday. We have a sunbird's nest hanging outside our balcony and we saw it had fallen on the ground last night. However, a study on the Erica species in the Cape, fed on with gusto by sunbirds, surprisingly found these flowers very often produced sucrose-dominant nectar. thank you so much for the simplest way to make your own hummingbird feeders,Mr.Donald.I made one myself,and it works too.Ilias IbrahimKuching,SarawakMalaysia. I a form 6 student, currently studying at Klang also. The feeder need not be near the nest and you are right too, that it may disturb the babies. Hummingbirds, or “hummers”, are strictly North, Central and South American and Caribbean. Hello againgreat workyour pictures and video are wonderful.keep on the good workI also feed is something I have made.At last: with english instructionswe both made it for sunbirds. I post a link to your blog? HELLOI am happy to see other pages similar to mineNice workKeep it that wayAlonIsrael, Dear Alon,Thanks for dropping by. Tks to advice, Dear anon,Just use 300ml of filtered tap water and 60gms of plain sugar. Thanks. Hi this has helped- thanks for the 'how-to' in making the nectar feeder. NEOTROPICS (SOUTH/CENTRAL AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN), NEOTROPICS SOUTH/CENTRAL AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN. As smart as animals are (bless them) our sunbirds have been collecting them for a more comfortable nest. Malachite Sunbird can also be seen in Roodepoort but is much more abundant in parts of the Cape and the Drakensberg. Sugarbirds are encountered on our bird tours to South Africa and Zimbabwe. If they have been unable to store enough energy (in the form of fat) from feeding during the day to survive the night, they are able to dramatically lower their body temperatures and go into a state of  “overnight hibernation” which is called “torpor”, because it only lasts the night and not longer (hibernation usually lasts for days or weeks at a time). Nectar fed on by sunbirds is usually much more dilute than that fed on by insects – it is usually only about 20 % sugar and 80 % water. From the top, it look like this (on the inside). TanBirds Talking TooKlang, Malaysia, This is Birds Talking Too. Last few weeks I noticed two sunbirds building a nest outside my kitchen window of my clothesline. They have to heat all this water to body temperature, which is higher than the human body temperature (42 o C in sunbirds as opposed to 37 o C in humans). The world’s most spectacular hummingbird, Marvelous Spatuletail, only occurs in a tiny part of northern Peru, and this photo was taken on one of the many bird watching tours we run there.

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