is skar audio a good brand

Very poor customer service, Skar audio is awesome I've ordered 4 door speakers tx68, an amp kit, a rp1200 amp and the 3 sdr 8 in box package all at different times the shipping was fast and all products been amazing. From my first 10” to 2 12”s to 2 15”s you name it. Have not had the chance to hook them up yet since I'm waiting on a custom box. You cant find a better value. Stopped all plans and decided to go full skar through out my entire build. Out performs the previous 2 12 set up. Plus this set up blends in perfect with my Skar door speakers I installed!! Makes for retards cranking them … #TeamSkarAudio Excellent product! and they are louder than my r's were, even with them being in the smallest box oa recommends. Definitely recommend. the oa is a good sub man, its very musical. Running a Cosmos 1000.1 mono. Skar is next level sh%t, stop thinking about getting it and order it. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Gonna buy a second one soon. It’s running 2 reconed ZVX 15’s. Recommend them. These things rock, paired with the 1500.1. awesome product. Affordable, efficient and good stuff! Thank you Skar Audio. Works great and sounds good!!! My last build did a 154 dB in the kick , 2-EVL 15s Every time I have ordered something from you guys it arrives super fast and in good condition. You will not be dissapointed. Break’m In Right And You’ll Get Even Lower Bass. Very happy with my purchase fast shipping would purchase from them again, Had a question about rp 150.4ab amp overheating playing the spx65 speakers and got no response or help with the situation now it’s been too long for help. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. If you're looking for cheap, run of the mill equipment that is decent, they are fine. Customer service is also very helpful and I love your products, Thanks SKAR. I recently purchased a full skar system for my 99 blazer and I love it!!! But then I stumbled across SKAR audio. Great job Skat! I love Skar Audio! The last complete system I had was in high school, a long time ago, I had 2 12’s and was the envy of my peers. I Will Be Buying (2) More. Very happy with them! I have nothing bad to say!! My current build is doing a 145 with 2 EVL 10s , under the Back Seat Box of 2003 F-150 . Btw I have it in the skar prefab box, unbelievable!!!! Nice and heavy also. I love this setup. Down4Sound matches all web pricing, and you get stickers, shirts, and lanyards…. So of course the love of being a bass head was going to be passed down to me. Enter your email to be the first to receive news, special savings, and more! I still have my back seat and an amazing sounding system. 1000 rms 1 ohm. Re: Skar audio? I added an all Skar rear deck in my hatch with these, 6.5's and a pair of the 3.5" tweeters. I emailed in several times trying to figure out if they repair subs and got no response at all.. when I call the message says they only operate online and then I get no answer. This is my 2nd time having to replace one of them. #WoodGrainzUnlimitedEnclosures. They take existing designs, slap a logo on and call it a day. They are extremely loud running on an RP-150.4. I pair this RP 1200 to my ZVX8 and it is doing absolutely amazing for the subwoofer I would have to say that so far this is been one of my best subwoofer amps and love the scar audio brand. For what I bought was pretty cheap and work great, great audio equipment, speakers, amps, wires, no matter the product they go above and beyond price point expectations, Nothing super special and very poor communication. I decided to give these 8’s a shot and I with out a doubt and in love. I’m a Skar fan, but I keep losing money on these subs. Solid hitting, rich, clean bass from SDR dual 12 package I got. Because Steve Meade gave the stamp of approval on one of his YouTube videos. I ordered some RCA cables.The website was easy to search through and the payment page was on point it didnt take but maybe 5 mins max to make my purchase and get an email detailing what to expect next.I love this brand it's my personal opinion that Skar is the best brand for the quality and the price.I am getting ready here in the next few months to order my whole new car audio system and I can't wait to … Purchased this sdr 8 to use as the 5th sdr 8 for my build in the coupe!!! This setup is a beast out of one sub. Subs hit hard and sounds great, but they are not handling 900 watts continuous. Also always super fast and free shipping. It hits hard for being small!! At 2.75” the magnet didn’t even fit through. The sub is very sensitive to how you set it it's very hard to get tuned right. Any good? Spl and SQ all in one sub! Can't wait to use them. GOOD JOB GUYS. Very impressed with the quality! Worked perfect for my application. I’ve either had Memphis amps or kicker amps. Shocks me on how a 10 inch can handle 100rms. Absolutely amazing products , at a great price . I’m running theys speakers with a aftermarket head unit no amp and holly crap theys are loud, I also got a dual 80$ 10 in sun from Walmart, soon to get another pair of theys, with a vxf 15 wired to 1 ohm. 8 inch speakers but very powerful. The second hole I cut was 3” and it still barely squeaked past angling one terminal in first. These sound amazing! Skar is just a me too company. Auto t/a, well ok, but good luck.L/R Eq needs to be independent.I will NEVER buy another proc that cant do both graphic and parametric.

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