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Finocchiona. Try a happy hero of spicy soppressata arugula, a hickory-smoked mozzarella with vinegary artichokes. There are therefore three types of soppressata: the white, containing only black pepper, the sweet, with sweet red pepper, and the spicy, recommended for those who … Our Spicy Soppressata is firm and spicy, plenty of red chili for color and a flavor kick. The meat is chopped in to small pieces cooked with spices then stuffed into a jute bag. Salamini, Salametti The Upscale Soppressata Sandwich. It is still part of southern Italian cultural heritage that local people (especially in the smaller rural towns) slaughter the pig themselves and use it all, with nothing going to waste, using some parts to make cured meats including soppressata. The spicy soppressata is bonkers good on it’s own, and it pairs amazingly well with a surprising secret ingredient… honey! Soppressata di Puglia from Martina Franca is also very well-known. First, the head is boiled for a few hours. Copyright © 2020 Bottega di Calabria is a product of Commerciando S.R.L. The curing process can vary according to the climatic conditions but generally it is left to age for a minimum of forty-five days up to a maximum of seventy. The mixture of meat, minced in medium cut together with fat, is carefully spread, salted and flavored with black pepper, red pepper or small amounts of Calabrian pepper powder, depending on the type of Soppressata that you intend to produce. It is a variation on salami that supposedly owes its origins to a thief at a fair near the … €7.12 €8.90. The origins of this typical salami are ancient, like most of the products of the peasant culture, and there are two hypotheses about the origin of its name. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. €7.12 €8.90. In addition to red pepper flakes, Sopressata may be seasoned with such spices as garlic, fennel, oregano and basil, which creates a flavor reminiscent of pepperoni. Umm, fantastic! Soppressata is a cured meat based on pork processed with only lean cuts (haunch, shoulder, fillet or ham scraps) and packed in a thick intestine, tied by hand with a natural string. The dough is finally stuffed into a natural intestine obtained from the intestine of the pig, pierced and tied by hand with natural twine, and then left to dry for about two weeks. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The way it was made, though a bit tedious, is also what adds to the culture and beauty of this type of salami/sausage. Soppressata is a particularly savory Calabrian sausage, with an aromatic and strong taste obtained from the processing of the finest parts of the pig: ham and shoulder, more rarely fillet. From this the meaning "hanging up" and in fact this salami is hung from the ceiling beams during the curing process. Weight approx. 350/400 g £ Learn more. pursuant to art. The code language is this: if it has those names on it, it’s probably spicy. Although there are many variations, two principal types are made: a cured dry sausage typical of Basilicata, Apulia, and Calabria, and a very different uncured salame, made in Tuscany and Liguria. It can be enjoyed alone, simply by accompanying it to slices of homemade bread, but it is also very popular as an appetizer, possibly inside a rich charchuterie board of typical Calabrian products, made up of other cured meats, cheeses and preserves in oil. For some people, it is a derivation of the Italian verb soppressare, which means, "to press" and "to tighten", and in fact, Soppressata comes in a slightly flattened shape that derives from the tradition of pressing the salami, putting it under a weight during the phase of drying. Long spicy soppressata INGREDIENTS: Pork meat, salt between 2/2.4%, spicy or sweet pepper flavours, antioxidant ascorbic acid (E300) below the legal limits, preservative potassium nitrate (E252) below the legal limits, gluten-free and lactose-free. This soppressata is shipped sliced. It can also be used as an ingredient to fill sandwiches, pizza and focaccia or to enrich various dishes of Calabrian cuisine, such as sauces and parmigiana. Slaughter and processing phases must also take place in Calabria. It is a genuine product with an intense taste that often does not need to be combined with other products to express its incredible flavor. Free shipping in thermal boxes within Europe for orders starting from € 199. Italian cold cuts are often made from pork: salami, prosciutto, salsiccia, finocchiona, pancetta, and so on, which are collectively referred to as salumi.In the past, these were all made when hogs were butchered in late fall or early winter and set aside to guarantee a supply of meat during the warmer months when uncured meats would spoil rapidly. In Basilicata, for instance, where soppressata is a dry-cured salami, butchers use only the best cuts of pork. What makes Sopressata delicious is how it comes with various flavors, spices, and aromas that make it unique. SPICY CALABRIAN SOPPRESSATA is a salami with an intense flavor and a fiery red color due to the presence of Calabrian chilli. We use cookies to make your experience better. Keep in a cool place 12°/13° C, expires 180 days. In order to be defined Soppressata di Calabria PDO, it has to be processed from the meat of pigs born in Calabria, Basilicata, Sicily, Puglia and Campania and bred in Calabria from the maximum age of four months. Conservation info. Soppressata is an Italian dry salami. Spicy Soppressata di Calabria - Salumificio Menotti. Please expand the article to include this information. 65 days. The cured meat, with a cylindrical shape about 15 cm long and 6 cm in diameter, is placed on a table and pressed for about a week, to facilitate the water outlet and obtain the characteristic slightly flattened shape.

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