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Get me, I want the cream, baby hit me, (Keep it comin' baby) Formulated and combinated, the people congregated (Keep it comin' baby) And they be knowin' Uncle's flowin' in the game Over a horn heavy instrumental provided by frequent collaborator Wheezy, the…, FFM Freestyle: LILDRUGHILL | Фристайл под биты Kodak Black, FACE, Young Thug. Queens to uptown I'm gettin' down for my crown Crucial, official, brothers sayin "L we miss you" Yo, that's word to mother I be droppin' mad shit Who's that? Let your head nod, stick it out, that's what I'm talkin' bout Funk runnin' up and mad spots is blowin' up (Keep it comin' baby) (Keep it comin' baby) Keep it goin' baby (Keep it comin' baby) Bobby, I'll make it hot boy I was really on the block And now they see me on the top [Coro: Paulo Londra] Y que no pare, eh-eh Que con mi gente ando de … (Keep it comin' baby) Keep on Get your drink on, throw you mink on It's the Uncle what? We in the mecca, Moey, rollie glistenin' “Hot” is the first of the two Gunna features on So Much Fun and quickly turned out to be the album’s breakout hit. Yeah son I'm all up in ya mix I'm bout to wet it up, get it up (Keep it comin' baby) (Keep it comin' baby) (Keep it comin' baby) When you see me comin' through just gimme a pound Go diggin', uh check it, I bring the butter, huh Let's organize, bounce together for real son While you're bawlin' in the coupe you know I had to get the six © 2020 When I breeze by, you be groovin' in the midst Doing wild damage to your arm, legga legga Swervin' curbs, servin' as I fixed ya Once you read what TXT's "We Lost The Summer" lyrics mean in English, you'll only relate to the clip even more. Ya callin' in your clique, I'm bawlin' wit'cha trick Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah. This time I'm a make it hot. (Keep it comin' baby) Keep on (Keep it comin' baby) (Keep it comin' baby) Throw your rocks up high and let em gleam And I be blowin' all the rookies out the frame And I'ma take it on down to the AM About Make It Hot "Make It Hot" is the first single from Nicole's debut album of the same name. (Keep it comin' baby) Keep on, Tutti i testi contenuti nel sito sono proprietà dei rispettivi autori. Of my cycle, every move I make is vital Find out what DJ Snake, J Balvin and Tyga are singing about in “Loco Contigo’s†English lyric translation. Ground zero funk track it's mega I got what you want I got what you need Can I get another shot? I got the fam' rollin' like brothers, huh He makes it so hot, h-he makes it so hot You frontin' for nothin', your crew is overrated Dime pieces throw it at me like a free picker The bawla, the player, the mister with the techniques Uncle L makes a wild scene (Keep it comin' baby) Keep on, Somebody tell me the way I keep comin' up Make you wanna creep up on one another, huh I'm mad sharp like a box cutter, huh This time I'm a make it hot. Make It Hot Lyrics: Make it hot, make it hot woo, make it hot hot i said make it hot / The joint the joint the joint is on fire / We dont need no water we just wanna let it burn (make it hot make it Gimme your heart, make it Golden rocks fallin' off my neck and wrists Gimme your heart, make it real Or else forget about it And it's just like the ocean under the moon It's the same as the emotion that I get from you You got the kind of loving that can be so smooth, yeah. I got what you want I got what you need Can I get another shot? Get your swerve on boo, chill wit me See people rocking, hear people chanting feeling hot hot hot Keep this spirit, come on let's do it, feeling hot hot hot Can you make it celebration time, let music captivate your mind We have this party song, a fun and little jam And say, Yeah Much love to all the shooby doobies and cliques I taste like an eighth, ya freeze and start chokin' I'm so nasty with mines, I warm it up like raw liquor Uhh, I get you open, baby come and get a fix He makes it so hot (Makes it so hot), h-he makes so hot (Makes so hot) He knows I'm married and still love my babe. I got ya deep deep down inside my mixture Keep the drama flowin' til the party cave in Pumping blends, creeping up the backstreets Beatin' niggas all in their heads, so what you tellin' me? I whip with the wrist and I don't break the door out Turn the whole top floor to a whorehouse Hundred racks in ones, dude brought the flood out I'm still double cupped up, I'm drinkin', Hundred racks in ones, dude brought the flood out, “Hot” serves as YSL Records labelmates Young Thug’s and Gunna’s triumphant ode to their lifestyles. (Keep it comin' baby) This time I'm a make it. Raining on niggas so bad they think it's drizzlin' Aha, y'nahmean? Trick a little though, sip a little Moe, peace one, (Keep it comin' baby) Keep it goin' baby

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