minuteman 24 hour emergency meal kit

A date is established and participants each pick locations where the campout could be held. Quickview $ 114.00. If an item is returned as defective or because PTL Shop was in error, PTL Shop will refund the S&H paid and not deduct for the Return Label. years*. Some items consist of several parts or pieces. With 41 grams of protein and 1,010 calories, the 24-Hour Emergency Meal Kit is an ideal solution for individuals in emergency situations and can be easily stored thanks to it's 25 year shelf life. each (45.42 oz. Simply add water, stir or shake, and enjoy. Augason Farm’s 1-Week 1-Person Emergency Food Pail is a quick way to.. Are you prepared with enough food to get through a crisis? (1) Compare Product. sets per kit (spork, napkin, salt and pepper), Dimensions:                 18 Return the package to one of the carriers listed on the Return Label. With this offer, you will receive: (1) Box of Minuteman 24 Hour Emergency Meal Kits (6) Kits per box. printed product labels for final specifications. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Visit our website Ptlshop.com to print off your return form. Add to Wish List. Repack all contents in the original packaging. Ask Question. Add to cart Details Add To Wishlist. One (1)  Minuteman 24 Hour Emergency Meal Kit, Designed in the spirit of rapid-response Revolutionary War Minutemen, the new Minuteman 24-Hour Meal Kits are ready to go “at a moment’s notice.”. The most RARE, exclusive and hard to find rations in the USA! Available Monday-Friday 8:30am-12:15pm ET | 1:15pm-5:45pm ET | 6:45pm-9:00pm ET. Add to Cart. hours of an emergency with energy and mental clarity. Quickview. Water for Meal Prep:    4.225-ounce pouches (7), Breakfast:                     Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Lunch:                          Vanilla Protein Shake, Dinner:                         Creamy Chicken-Flavored Mashed Potatoes, Utensils/Straw:             Utensil sets (2) and straw, Net Weight:                  2 lbs. Quickview $ 45.00. … … (293.08 oz / 8.25 kg)), Shelf Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55-70 degrees. These Zombie MREs have a slightly silly concept, but in practice they’re pretty straightforward, combining fairly typical fare in handy 24-hour kits. SKU: 5-08725. 100 Grace Chapel Rd Restrictions and limitations may apply. Purchasing insurance is not necessary because it’s included with the label charges. Meal Extender Food Bucket Bundle. More Ways to Get the Most out of Your 24-Hour Meal Kits: Case Minuteman 24 Hour Emergency Meal Kit. kit), Total Ways to Get the Most out of Your 24-Hour Meal Kits: 18 pouches of food – 6,020 total calories (average 1,000+ per day), Breakfast – Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal However, you can count on the same impressive nutrition—1,854 calories and 47 gra.. Augason Farm’s 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food pail takes the hassle out of preparing for an emergency and ensures you have healthy food available so .. Don't miss out! Quickview $ 55.00. $64.89 - $170.00 #15. In Case Of - 4-person Basic 72-hour Emergency Kit Essential emergency supplies for four people; Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 1 reviews. Augason Farms Minuteman 24-Hour Emergency Meal Kit 5-26655-021820 Augason Farms® is a registered trademark of Blue Chip Group. Designed in the spirit of rapid-response Revolutionary War Minutemen, the new Minuteman 24-Hour Meal Kits are ready to go “at a moment’s notice.” Information: Meals do not require heat or cooking; just add the included water, stir or shake, and enjoy; Meals are packaged in single-serving pouches; no measuring or dealing with leftovers required Simply add water, stir or shake, and enjoy. Discard immediately upon opening. Add to cart Details Add To Wishlist. Add to cart Details Add To Wishlist. Make sure your family is safeguarded from chaos and panic with our Minuteman 1 Person kit. Morninginside Church, Inc. and PTL SHOP are not responsible for any failure to deliver item(s) due to an incorrect shipping address being supplied. Therefore, it’s ideal to be prepared with, Hand out meal kits to neighbors, church members, and school children, Provide meal-prep instruction to children and elderly family members; practice before an emergency occurs, Save white, plastic 24-Hour Meal Kit bags and use to flag down assistance, collect clean water, or to secure, Save individual mylar meal bags and use to create SOS message, Turn mylar meal bags inside out to expose silver lining and use to reflect the sun or attract attention, Take meal kits when exploring the outdoors, for example: biking, hiking, camping, and snowmobiling, 2 lbs. AF Buttermilk Pancake Mix #10 Can. Three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Utensils: Sporks, napkins, a straw, and salt and pepper packets, Cook-free meals—just add water (room temperature works just fine), stir or shake, and enjoy, Packaging that’s compact, lightweight, and ready to grab and go, Single-serving meal pouches—no measuring required and no leftovers to deal with, EVERY FAMILY MEMBER and extended family member, Anyone you know who is elderly or may have limited mobility, Anyone taking a road trip (make sure you have at least one, 24-Hour Meal Kit per person!). (36 oz. Quickview $ 255.00. Select ground service and insure the item for full value of the merchandise being returned. Item(s) will be delivered to the shipping address supplied when the order was placed. Morningside Church, Inc. and PTL Shop are not responsible for returns lost during shipment or any failure to deliver item(s) due to an incorrect shipping address being supplied. 1,000 per kit), Total *Shelf life of food up to 25 years; Water up to 30 years. Please call Customer Service to make any changes to the supplied shipping address. ... LB1 High Performance MREs Emergency Meal Replacement 2-Day Supply 24 tabs Ultimate Bugout Food 25 Years Shelf Life Gluten Free and Non-GMO - … AF Vegetable Stew Blend #10 Can. Return Label fees are deducted from your refund and are based on the original weight of your item in its original packaging. Quickview $ 255.00. Always return the entire item or set for a replacement or refund. 2.98 oz. Contact us if you still have a question about our Shipping Policy. 12 … Lunch – Vanilla Protein Shake But when downed power lines, road damage, flooding, o.. Please allow a maximum of 4-6 weeks for delivery on all orders. you spend No boiling water and no cooking is required. Your return fee is deducted from your refund, or in the event of exchange, charged to the credit card used for the original order. mobility and quick-response are required in a crisis, the Minuteman 24-Hour Items are usually shipped within 2 weeks of the date the order was placed. Included in the kit are three meal pouches and three sets of utensils. each (45.42 oz. Legacy Heirloom Seed Offer. Preparing an emergency food supply can be rather time-consuming and intimidating. AF Vegetable Stew Blend #10 Can. Add to cart Details Add To Wishlist. When Please note: For returns, credits to a credit card will be applied upon processing, but may not appear on your statement for one to two billing cycles.

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