no cake pans what can i use

This cake … The ingredients likely sit in your kitchen, and you can use your favorite cake mix or homemade recipe. For example, if a recipe calls for using an 8-inch round cake pan and baking for 25 minutes, and you substitute a 9-inch pan, the cake may bake in only 20 minutes, since the batter forms a thinner layer in the larger pan. While it is best to use a jelly roll pan if your recipe calls for it, a half sheet pan is a similar option. … disposable pans are aluminum, as are most bakeware, and thinner than regular cake pans, your layers may bake faster, so check for cake doneness 5-10 minutes before the timer goes off. Differences in Cooking Time. For those who want to bake sphere cakes have a range of ball shaped pans from which to choose, but you do not need a ball pan to make a 3D cake. Always be sure to account for differences in pan sizes when considering cooking time. No. Jelly Roll Pan Substitute. This being said, the size of a jelly roll pan is ideal for rolled cake recipes because its length and width are narrower than a half sheet pan, but it is just as deep. Using a Jelly Roll Pan vs. a Half Sheet Pan

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