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Do not remove or discard the white law labels or the model name label. New mattress purchases are covered by a 100-night. Required fields are marked *. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclosure. Your Simmons ® optical product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Simmons has several different warranty periods. If you get your first mattress replaced or repaired, you do not get an extended, duration of any applicable implied warranties. All warranty coverage runs through the number of years indicated on your code. Warranties only apply to the original purchaser. DO NOT SMOKE IN BED OR USE OPEN FLAMES (e.g. The recent decision in Teoco UK Limited v Aircom Jersey 4 Limited and anor [2018] EWCA Civ 23 highlights the importance of complying with procedural requirements stipulated in a contract when bringing a breach of warranty (or similar) claim. In the market for a traditional mattress? Make sure you have the original date of purchase, which can be found on the copy of original bill of sale. Additionally, the duration of any applicable implied warranties won’t extend past the limited warranty period. In the event of a change of address, in order to continue to enjoy Simmons warranty coverage, the original purchaser MUST update his/her new address with Simmons via phone, email or snail mail. Mattress Warranty | Submit a Claim | Beautyrest Beautyrest -If you have an issue with your mattress, which we hope you don't, make a warrant claim here. These labels serve as a means of identification to establish your warranty rights. If you need to transport your mattress, secure it in thick plastic covering to protect it from the elements. Your mattress is designed and manufactured to provide you with high quality sleep for many years into the future. If the mattress cover is removed, the warranty is voided. If you opened a warranty claim through your dealer and are dissatisfied with the outcome, please contact our office. The use of any platform that lacks support as outlined above may result in damage to your mattress that will void your warranty. Warranty & Care Instructions. Typical turnaround time for any repair or warranty claim is approximately 3 weeks, not including transit time to and from Simms. Additionally, using an improper support system for your mattress voids your warranty. A copy of original bill of sale is needed to determine original date of purchase. If your Simmons® mattress or foundation fails due to a manufacturing defect, the exclusive remedy under this warranty will be replacement of the defective product. In an effort to assist you with your Simmons Warranty Claim, answer the following questions as completely as possible. Prequalify & pay over time with Affirm >. Depending on your state, this limitation on implied warranties may not apply. They specifically list the following issues not covered under their warranty: The mattress is not quite the firmness you desire, or otherwise does not meet your, Changes in your mattress as the result of temperature or humidity, The mattress doesn’t hold your full weight, There are damages in the cover, fabric, corner guards, or handles from, mattress in order for the warranty to be valid, including expressed and implied warranties. DO NOT remove the mattress cover, even if it has a zipper. Thank you for purchasing a new Simmons® mattress. Don’t smoke or have exposed flames (i.e. . A file can be claimed directly on their website. Simmons – If you have had a problem with your mattress and have a warranty, submit a claim here. This includes implied warranties of merchantability, meaning your mattress is suitable to function as a mattress. These guidelines include: with a firm center and firm edges. How To File A Warranty Claim At Simmons To find out more about what is covered and what isn't under the warranty, contact their customer service center for more information. If you remove white law tag from product, please retain the original for your records. If you qualify for a repair or replacement of the defective product, an identical item may not be available; in that case, Simmons will send you a similar model or use similar material for repairs. Air the product out as much as possible. Check out our overview of the entire Simmons Beautyrest collection to find if one is right for you. Once you have your code, check the Warranty Code Chart at or No expressed or implied warranties are extended to persons who purchase the product from anyone other than the manufacturer or its authorized dealers, and all warranties to such persons, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness, are hereby excluded. All warranties MUST be started by the retailer where the mattress was purchased. Any support system that does not fit within the above descriptions must at minimum provide a rigid platform with adequately distributed supports extending to the floor. You can find yours by checking the code on the, on your mattress (typically the tag on your mattress that says, “Do not remove”). The new item will be of equal value to your original mattress or foundation. Depending on your state, this limitation on implied warranties may not apply. Their warranty does not allow for refunds, so I don't think this is realistically an option. For all adjustable foundations, please see the owner’s manual for required safety, support, and warranty coverage. Also, getting a replacement for one item in a set doesn’t mean you’ll get replacements for the other items.

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