telescope truss tube components

The Meade 16" LightBridge Truss-Tube Dobsonian Telescope is a telescopic beast.Featuring a massive 16" aperture, ultra portable open-truss design and a focal length of 1,829mm (f/4.5), this telescope is the eptiome of outstanding optical performance for advanced deep-sky observation. I initially tried 1 inch diameter, 0.030 inch thick aluminum shower curtain poles from the hardware store but … Front end of the 22" mirror box and rocker box. Truss tubes. We also supply all the precision cut wood components … With a LightBridge truss-dob prepare to cross the universe. I saw the price of components and ended up buying from parts like Ross Handling (ball end swivels, tube stops) or making my own (bvall clamps, focuser plates). The telescope is fitted with a stable Carbon Fiber Truss tube and a precise 3" dual speed Monorail focuser. So I have now 8 sets of dual ball-swivel ends for trusses that will make my 12" into a horseshoe truss tube newt. The truss tube is $300 more. Includes padded case for upper optical tube section, one for the lower tube, a roll-up case for the truss poles, and secondary mirror cover. Set of custom cases to protect the optical tube of your Skyquest XX16 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope. The truss tubes are 1 inch diameter, 0.050 inch thick, black anodized aluminum tubes purchased from Moonlite telescope components. Orion SkyQuest XX12i IntelliScope Truss-Tube Dob Upper truss clamp assembly (side and top) Upper Cage (1/2" Baltic Birch with 3/16" Baltic Birch focuser board) Very light! Detail of the focuser board. Smaller telescopes tend to use tubes and larger telescopes trusses - we shall look at each in turn. Page 1 of 5 - solid vs truss tube Dob (12") - posted in Reflectors: I got aperture fever and want to get a 12 aperture equipment. Tube insert inside the truss. The GSO 12" f/8 Ritchey-Chrétien Truss Tube Astrograph is a true RC telescope and will give you spectacular photo results also with large format camera sensors. I used 3/16" Baltic Birch plywood. A 30-50% savings will be realized over purchasing a premium finished truss tube telescope. I got mine from a place I don't remember. We supply all the hard to find or fabricate components, including a light shroud for the trusses and 10" transport wheels and handles. LightBridge dobs give you high quality Meade optics, premium components, and ultra portability - all for about the same price as an ordinary tube dob. Two scopes I have in mind: Orion SkyQuest XT12G GoTO Dob and Orion SkyQuest XX12G GoTo Dob. tubes Meade 12" LightBridge Truss-Tube Dobsonian Telescope - 1205-05-02 . I see that other than tube design they are the same scope with same mirrors, F-ratio and GoTo. The tube or trusses of a telescope must perform the task of holding the optical components at the correct separation and at the correct relative alignment, regardless of the orientation of the telescope on the sky.

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