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The 4ha tomatoes yield an average of 65t/ha to 70t/ha, while the maize annually yields 4 500 dozen green mealie cobs per hectare and 28t to 30t butternut per hectare. Please enter 5555 as your postal code should you wish to collect your parcel and please take full note of the collection conditions at the below link. Compare. Find a country. Several hundred varieties of tomatoes are grown. What is the price of. Click here for our Product Gallery Price List (Valid until 31 May 2020) * Please note that fruit and vegetables are seasonal and quoted prices are subject to change according to market prices and conditions. Average prices obtained were higher by 17% or R946 per ton for the same period. Enter a country name. Freshness and quality is not an option it’s a promise! The Tomato price comparison chart shows that price for Tomato (01 Kg) in Johannesburg is % higher than the same Tomato price in , South Africa. In South Africa, production of tomatoes exceeds that of all other vegetables except potatoes. Ukraine: 1.30 $ 67. • Italy has been the main supplier of fresh tomatoes, in 2010 Italy market share was 60% and the second supplier is Zimbabwe with 37% of the market share in 2010. Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Johannesburg? China: 1.27 $ 70. Brazil: 1.05 $ 81. Population growth, urbanization, per capita income and the income elasticity of demand for tomatoes are important factors influencing the demand for tomatoes. Get direct fly to Halong Bay from Singapore, fly or drive from san francisco to los angeles. Wool decreased 408 AUD/100Kg or 26.19% since the beginning of 2020, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD) that tracks the benchmark market for this commodity. ... Products per page: 24 24 48 80 128 Sort by: Relevance Relevance Name, A to Z Name, Z to A Price, low to high Price, high to low Showing 1-9 of 9 item(s) Active filters. Mexico: 1.22 $ 74. The price of Tomato (01 Kg) in Johannesburg, South Africa is 15.63 ZAR. Have more accurate data for the Tomato (01 Kg) price in Johannesburg? Bosnia And Herzegovina: 1.22 $ 73. Other products … Price List Read More » News & Insights of Tomato in South Africa. Palestine: 1.31 $ 65. Bolivia: 1.18 $ 76. Discover the latest news, comments and in-depth analysis of Tomato in South Africa. Popular processed products include jam, chutney, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes. The per capita consumption of tomatoes in South Africa is 19 kg per annum, compared to 35 kg in Europe. p. Container Unit Mass Product Combination Total Value Sold Total Qty Sold Total Kg Sold Average Highest Price Ave per Kg Highest Price per Kg; 1.5KG TRAY: 1.5 Argentina: 1.25 $ 71. Commodity Total Value Sold Total Qty Sold Total Kg Sold Qty Available; AMBA ARAD: R0.00 MTD: R0.00: 0 MTD: 0: 0 MTD: 0: 82: APPLES: R1,061,600.00 MTD: R38,526,025.30 Farm Price represents the prices farmers are paid by retailers and grocery stores per standard unit of select fruits and vegetables. The price of Tomato (01 Kg) in South Africa is 14.32 ZAR. Bulk Seeds Price List This service is available from Seeds for Africa offices subject to stringent conditions. ** Fruit and Vegetables are zero VAT rated. For more assistance, contact your site administrator. Armenia: 1.06 $ 80. Cannot retrieve the URL specified in the XML Link property. South Africa: 1.36 $ 64. Guatemala: 1.27 $ 69. Since July 2017, a section dedicated to these prices has been featured on our website www.tomatonews.com. we need your help ! Peru: 1.11 $ 79. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2019 CostToTravel. Albania: 1.03 $ … Tomatoes × PLEASE TAKE NOTE: We only deliver in Pretoria. Click on any of the adverts below to start buying avocados from AvoFit. The per capita consumption of tomatoes in South Africa is 12 kg per annum, compared to 32 kg in Europe. Cabbage is the winter crop, planted in late February for picking from June to October. View Detail ZZ2 Tomatoes 2kg Value bag. How much it costs to own a sedan car in Singapore. This 12 kg per capita consumption is only for metropolitan areas. Ecuador: 1.30 $ 66. • In 2009, per capita consumption of South Africa tomatoes was 4.7 kg (Tomato News,2010). AvoFit Tshwane and AvoFit Western Cape are our distribution and sales company focusing on retail, providing world class avocados of different varieties to all our customers around South Africa. The Tomato price comparison chart shows that price for Tomato (01 Kg) in Johannesburg is % higher than the same Tomato price in , South Africa. the average price reaching R6, 383 per ton, translating to a 3% m/m increase during February 2016. It is a good source of vitamins A and C and essential minerals. Tomatoes supplies reached 2,426 tons during February 2016, which equates to 21% y/y more than what was supplied in the same period last year. Examples of units include a one-pound clamshell of strawberries or bag of grapes, a head of lettuce or cauliflower, or a single cantaloupe or honeydew melon. IMPORTANT NUMBERS. The average household in South Africa consumes about five to ten tomatoes per week. All rights reserved. Vs. Have more accurate data for the Tomato (01 Kg) price in South Africa? Go. Montenegro: 1.28 $ 68. Seasonal fruit and vegetable chart for South Africa Summer December, January, February Fruits Apples Apple and yoghurt cake Apricots Apricot roly-poly with ginger custard Bananas Fluffy banana bread Blueberries Ricotta cakes served with blueberries and honey yoghurt Cherries …

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