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As there is no time for a disaster to strike, the trauma nurses will have less time for … Why Do I Need a Trauma Nurse Certification? RNs and nursing students alike may join to receive the association’s bimonthly Journal of Trauma Nursing, access to STN’s online community and the Mentor Match website, annual conference discounts, and professional development opportunities. CMEweb offers a wide variety of continuing education content, … “Insufficient Resource Trauma” explained . The Society of Trauma Nurses has compiled resources for you to use during National Trauma Awareness Month. Having a healthy support system and an outlet for stress is crucial to combat caregiver burnout. The Society of Trauma Nurses is pleased to offer its members a variety of resources to enhance their careers and contribute to their professional development. … CMEweb. Society of Trauma Nurses STN is an international organization that advocates for optimum trauma care. Their job profile of the trauma nurses requires them to be ready at all times. Trauma nurses also need to be able to handle the emotional strain that is involved with caring for trauma patients, as sometimes there are poor outcomes. This Resource Library has been designed to assist you in your position by providing forms, policies, procedures, guidelines, etc to help you perform your job more efficiently. Contributor: Karen J. Foli September 3, 2019 Author - Karen J. Foli, PhD, RN, FAAN First published - 2019 Major Concepts Types of Nurses' Psychological Traumas: vicarious/secondary trauma historical trauma workplace violence system/medically induced trauma insufficient resource trauma second-victim trauma trauma from disasters Psychological traumas: Humankind psychological … The authors, Karen J. Foli and peers, described insufficient resource trauma as the problem that “…occurs when nurses do not have the knowledge/expertise, personnel, accessibility to other professionals, supplies, and tangible and intangible resources to fulfill their ethical, professional, and organizational responsibilities.” Nurses have been … Trauma Nurse Job Description. Those interested in trauma nursing should first pursue a nursing degree through a two … 1. Because trauma patients are so varied and require specific care, specialized training is required for trauma nurses to be able to care for such a diverse patient population. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to … Trauma Nurse Job Description. Trauma nurses come into play whenever there has been an emergency arising out of poison administration, fire, car accidents, drowning and injuries during natural disasters like earthquakes or landslides. Fortunately, I was able to identify a few budget-friendly trauma CME resources available to nurse practitioners online. The Trauma Nurse provides the first assessment to stabilize and triage trauma patients, as well as diagnosing and caring for these patients. We are looking for a dedicated, hard-working Trauma Nurse to work in various high-risk areas of the hospital. Trauma Nurse Resources. One of the main things trauma nurses need to know is how to help stabilize patients based on their traumatic injury. In an effort to address the continuum of care, we will focus on different trauma topics each week of the month. Members will receive weekly emails announcing the topics and availability of resources to share with your departments and communities. If you are also looking to meet a trauma continuing education requirement, or, could simply stand to bank a few more CE hours regardless of topic, check out the following budget-friendly trauma resources. American … What Are the Education Requirements for a Trauma Nurse? The documents are collected from the STN listserv as well as from members … Caring for trauma patients requires highly specialized care.

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