tsetse fly location

It is only near to rivers that some bushes and trees can grow, giving shade and cooler conditions and trapping some moisture, allowing flies to survive. Map 5.5 Distribution of Glossina tachinoides. 0000005724 00000 n Members of this group, when they penetrate generally drier areas, do not move far away from free water (rivers and lakes): but in generally more humid areas they may not have to live so close to free water. Wear neutral-colored clothing. 0000014859 00000 n 0000010784 00000 n Glossina medicorummay live in riverine habitats in Upper Volta and Ivory Coast. Tsetse fly length: 0.5 to 1.5 cm: Tsetse fly lifespan: Up to 3 months . It has also been recorded from Zimbabwe. 0000013865 00000 n 5.6.4 Lack of food Insufficient food may cause some areas to be without tsetse, even though the areas may be suitable in other respects. H�\�͊�@��}���݋&m�S�`� .�q�bR:�1���ԗ��4��JX�f��������9�ɝ����z�����٢pm�L����RY�{xܦx���kVU.���ݦ����������Ʊ����������}��K�'��V+��S�o�����]>o{ٷ�~7=^Ҟ+~>����������P7q��s̪��X��==VY����/n;�����U�-�*�͝.���%�d�k6� z�ޢw���� ����K�{�.�ڳ=Z؂V��i���h:=��N�_���7��~�����������)p endstream endobj 95 0 obj <> endobj 96 0 obj <>stream centralis and G.m. H��W�n�6�Z_�%�2P�|�O0�-PH@A1`d:�@�Iv&���P��d��P��2�s��܇`JB�$Ȑ�B`К�`����5��,SJI �Q����'�u��:?���s�@�p������;[�'Tr��@Z'y�{r]$���-��X]��Qׅ�҃��?�����~������Ҟ �U�? Glossina morsitans (Map 5.1) is the most widespread species. 0000004527 00000 n Inspect vehicles for tsetse flies before entering. Tsetse flies are solely responsible for the cyclical transmission of the trypanosomes that are the causative agents of sleeping sickness or human African trypanosomosis (HAT) and nagana or animal African trypanosomosis (AAT) in livestock. �B��)t��d��n�u�����w�{��~G������w�;��~G������w�;��ss��7�\�\����O�)�*�*�*�*�*��Soʹ:�eo�ޔ�)zS���Mٛ�7eo����������{�=��~��������07_dX�ʙ�f�̘[�Y�Y�%֗|f��%�Y�%c�߸�9^pP|�82��f>ϣ�>��(�O�����v�����]x' M/7� 0000002265 00000 n Tsetse flies are found in a number of habitats in sub-Saharan Africa, ranging from the rain forest to savannahs. Very often, tsetse belts continue from one country to the next, across the national boundary. Map 5.2 Distribution of Glossina longipalpis (west of the drawn line) and G. pallidipes(east of the line). 0000004563 00000 n The pattern of distribution of tsetse species is a result mainly of climatic and ecological barriers preventing further spread. The Kalahari sands woodland of Zambia (Western Province), Zimbabwe and Bots wana may be an example. 80 0 obj <> endobj 116 0 obj <>stream Due to the tsetse fly’s climatic restrictions the disease is restricted between the 14 th latitude north and the 29 th latitude south on the African continent. ���)p The palpalis group is mainly limited to the very humid areas of Africa, the mangrove swamps, the rain forest, the lake shores and the gallery forests along rivers. Glossina tachinoides (Map 5.5) is distributed in a broad belt from Guinea in the west, to the Central African Republic to the east. 0000008452 00000 n The tsetse fly is attracted to bright colors and very dark colors. rs����\�\A�c� �1W����o`��rt%p��J��ѕ���+�+���=;+:{vVt����ٳ���ggEg���={*zz�Q��ď$~�Y�,I�H�G?���ď$~��2�&�$q%�+I\I�JW�������ĕ����&�4q����诉7M���-�.2�)-�R:2�e��w��y� ��c5b��M�|��}�60� ��u :��'U�H�����p#�J������d��*���.��^��2�GOϭ�Q��l��c��n��6��~����U2� *�r^]�J�~��A7˕�Jl���ZZGG�x Y�&.�1�а�4����1Xk(�!�8i . Their distribution appears to be limited by cold winter conditions in the south (Zimbabwe, Botswana), and hot dry conditions in the north of West and Central Africa. There is a large belt west of Lake Tanganyika, in Zaire. In some of the miombo woodland of East and Central Africa, tsetse may be absent, rare or common, according to mean temperatures and abundance of game.

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