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2. When you operate the garage door opener with the wall console or the garage door remote in your car, the light turns on. Garage door openers are a great convenience, but when the light is on and you are ready to retire for the evening, you have a problem. More and more products are being produced at a faster rate and that leads to reduced quality. I know I can say IF garage door closed THEN turn off garage lights after 10 minutes. All this comes at an energy consumption of 40W, which makes this product one of the most effective shop lights for garage on the market. Once you turn the Utility Shop Light on, you will enjoy the daylight-like lighting thanks to the 5000K color temperature of these bulbs. … JDRoberts. Ad. 28 June 2016 Categories: , Blog. One of my biggest adjustments to the Big Ass Garage Lights is to remember to NOT turn on and off the light switch. The light would be nearby & plugged into an unswitched wall outlet. Many are surprised by this, but we aren’t. By default, the light is set to 120 fc. I would envision the fr switch to be triggered by the opener light circuit that comes on when the door is opened or closed & shut off when the opener light shuts off automatically after a minute or so. These are all relatively minor wishes. You should look through the owner's manual for a model number and other essential information. What’s Missing? The Garage Door Opener Light Comes On, But Won’t Turn Off! Most models have an adjustable time delay that automatically turns the light off after 3 to 5 minutes. We have already touched on a few things we would have liked to see with the Big Ass Garage Light (optional black power cable, optional hard-wire connection, adjustable timing on the shut-off delay). If your garage door opener light is not working, the fix might be as simple as changing the light bulb. The garage door opener light is too dim, so I want to trigger a brighter light. For example, we just have Alexa make sure that the garage lights are off at midnight, a closet light that never seems to get turned off around 10pm, the basement lights around 2 am (one of our sons uses the treadmill late at night) and the kids' bathroom lights around 1:00am. We have observed brand new light bulbs that don’t work right out of the box. Generally, the garage door opener light comes on for several reasons: 1. Any help or advice welcome. To adjust the ambient light level at which the light will turn off when the space is occupied, remove the sensor’s lens, and adjust the set screw labeled “Light Level.” The light level can be set from a very dim 10 fc (foot-candles) to a very bright 120 fc. We just set a standard time for Alexa to shut off lights in specific rooms using Routines. But I want the light to turn off by itself based on how long it has been left on in case the garage door is intentionally left open OR garage door sensor is broken. For most applications, we recommend leaving the light level at 120 fc. January 6, 2020, 6:42pm #2.

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