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Most bodybuilders are very familiar with the seated cable row - a horizontal rowing movement. The key here is to use parallel bars that are approx 32 inches wide. Is 'THE PUMP' Necessary for Muscle Growth. triceps = narrow grip. The purpose of the pull up to the chest is to achieve an extra range of motion and a complete contraction in the lats. My legs appear to rise all the way up to my waist. However he did recommend the sissies and also the hack squat and front squats. 1. He would include them in many of his programs, and all of them (except the last) can be performed by beginners. Mohammed Makkawy is pictured doing these in Vince’s Wild Physique book. I’ll talk about that diet experiment in another article (and quite frankly, he promoted a lot of weird ideas about nutrition). October 21, 2018. Welcome to the official website for everything Vince Gironda & the online home of “The Iron Guru”. Anyway, fantastic exercise which puts the pump right into the belly of the bicep... 2 dumbbells up rating ;). This is the intent of A Muscle Has Four Sides by Vince Gironda, a book that provides a complete exercise plan, nutrition plan, and workout tempo aimed specifically to get the fastest gains possible in the shortest amount of time. I’ve always done the traditional bodybuilding sissy squat, where there is no break in the hips as you go up or down. He credited this one to the great Monty Wolford. But you are correct, with a wider grip it should allow the full range of motion more easily. Most bodybuilders are very familiar with the seated cable row – a horizontal rowing movement, and also familiar with the lat pulldown – a vertical pulling movement. The key is to draw your elbows BACK and allow the bar to slide right up along your body, almost touching your thighs, hips, stomach and chest as you curl it up. The mere act of getting the form right is a massive overload right from the first workout with properly performed Vince exercises. What’s more, it takes all the cheating out and puts 100% isolated stress on the bicep muscles for maximum impact. Vince’s list of […], Kelp: Vince’s Choice Supplement For Optimal Health & Maximum Definition, Vince Gironda was well known for his belief in supplementing the diet of the bodybuilder, simply because during modern times, over farming stripped the nutrients from the natural foods that we eat and that were supposed to provide these nutrients. Cholesterol is NOT […], Vince was known as The Iron Guru for a reason. Hold a loaded barbell at the shoulders in the “clean’ ‘ position. Please please please could you maybe consider doing a "TNB Vince Gironda Alternate" one for us? Extend arms and grasp the pulley, keeping your head down. But hardly anyone does the pulley row from this unique angle. Some people teach the exercise only going up to the pec level. Unleashing The Wild Physique With Vince Gironda … TR. It’s ultra-strict and creates a contraction so strong, it almost feels like your biceps are cramping. Hi, in regards to the Sissy Squat - my wife is doing weights now but doesn't like the squat with the olympic bar due to the 20kg starting weight. It really was sculpting - physique art! I was fortunate to both train with the 'Guru' and help out at his gym. 3rd Phase: Stand erect with heels on block. 45-degree pulley row (aka “racing dive” lat pulls). You literally DRAG the bar along your body - you do NOT curl the bar out in a wide arc. I got such great results from TNB that I was pumped to try your recommendations here...totally awesome...humbling with how little I could lift though...but man did I feel it!!! The biggest mistake seen in form on this exercise is the rounding over of the back at the top of the movement. I totally LOVE how you introduced this article talking about Vince's "cosmetic" approach. I hope I get the same muscles as you. The Amazing Thank you for this article and thank you for reminding me. Contraction (aka “Insurance” repetitions). March 15, 2020. Vince’s 8×8 Exercise selection Chest: Barbell Bench Press Back: Lat Pulldown Delts: Seated DB Press Biceps: Standing Barbell Curl Triceps: Rope Pressdown Calves: Standing Calf Rase Quads: Leg Press Hamstrings: Lying Leg Curl Abs: Crunch In the history of bodybuilding, there has been no greater body sculptor than the legendary Vince Gironda, who could not only name which muscle needed working, but could also recommend an accurate movement to isolate this muscle and bring out its shape. A bodybuilder's goal should be to build a perfect physique, not to lift as much weight as possible in weightlifting or powerlifting exercises. Thanks for waiting. andrew - LOL - a lot of women say that they dont want to get too big. Hang from an overhead chinning bar using a medium-wide grip. Some of his unique exercises included the bench press to the neck, the sternum chin up (touching the chest to the bar), "drag" curls and sissy squats with what he called a "Burlesque Bump." Among them were the 10 by 10, 8 by 8, 6 by 6, 10-8-6-15, and 15 by 4 methods. In it’s place have emerged the philosophies of “functional training,” “lift more weight at all costs” and “gain muscle bulk, no matter where it ends up.” In his heyday 50 years ago, Gironda turned out more bodybuilding champions from his North Hollywood studio than another other gym in America. Its difficult to understand the form even from reading the detailed instructions in Vince’s course. 3. Vince was known for his unusual training methods. Fat Burning Secret Using Vince Gironda’s workout methods, you can attack all four sides of the muscles to create shape, definition, and aesthetics. To an untrained eye a dip is a dip. Some would cry like babies after only the 3rd set. You literally DRAG the bar along your body – you do NOT curl the bar out in a wide arc which is a common mistake. So in this article, we’re going to explore 5 of the most famous Vince Gironda exercises to get the perfect shape, size, and symmetry you’re after. Loading. Very strict form (and slow tempo) is displayed in this video: I could post exercises all night but let me leave you with a quick punch list of other Gironda favorites: CHEST: bench press to the neck (warning: may not be good for the shoulders! He said they built up the hips, which he wanted to reduce. This will perpetuate the involvement of the biceps and take the pressure off the front deltoids . Sit back on heels. Every movement was done for a specific reason. “whatsa matta? The mere act of getting the form right is a massive overload right from the first workout with properly performed Vince exercises. What Exercises Did Vince Gironda Recommended For The Hamstrings?

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