why does caliban hate prospero and miranda

Who is the King of Naples? No pre-marital sex or they won't be able to have children. (GG) Caliban thought Tinculo said "he liest", but it was actually Ariel. Why does Prospero enslave Caliban, punish him with debilitating stomach cramps, and hurl the kinds of insults that would have most of us running to the bathroom to cry? The three arrive, and Trinculo and Stephano are distracted by the clothes. Why does Caliban hate Prospero? It is indeed very strange that he does not care to get hurt or punished. In act 4, scene 1 Prospero comes to ends with Ferdinand and tells him he allows him to marry his daughter. Jyotsna Singh (p.203) asserts: 3) Why does Caliban hate Prospero and Miranda? (GH) ... What does Stephano plan to do with Miranda after killing Prospero? Prospero has the spirit hang up his prettiest clothes on a laundry line. Tunis, Claribel's wedding. He has not been civilized to the rules of social discourse and, instead, functions as the animals in the forest do … Caliban does not treat Prospero with respect at all. Next, Prospero contrives circumstances for Miranda to see her cousin Ferdinand come ashore, while Ariel … Laughing heartily, Caliban says that he would have peopled the isle with Calibans (349-50). ... What warning does Prospero give Miranda and Ferdinand? He stole his island. Miranda is even more innocent than most young women, having had none of the socialization that other young women would experience. 3. What do the men follow at the end of the scene? 4. Prospero took him into their home and Miranda spent time teaching Caliban 'one thing or another' while he taught them both about the intricacies of the island. Alonso. How does Trinculo tease Caliban? His behavior recalls the undisciplined nature of wild animals rather than that of natural man. Prospero seems preoccupied with Miranda's virginity because it is inextricably bound up with Prospero… All of this is in keeping with the expected parental role. Answer The three fools are dead drunk and Trinculo feels that if the other two are as confused as them, the whole island is going to shake or "the state totters". (EL) The music. (BG) He wants her to be his queen. Prospero warns the young man that "barren hate, / Sour-eyed disdain, and discord," will be his reward if he cannot control his lust (IV.1, 19-20). Feminist critics have stressed this relationship claiming it demonstrates an early alliance between Caliban and Miranda. Miranda awakes to join her father in a meeting with Caliban, Prospero’s ‘poisonous slave’ (1.2.319). He is remembered by Prospero for his kindness in making sure that supplies, clothing and books were put aboard the boat when Prospero and Miranda … Later Prospero returns to the same subject when he gives Miranda to Ferdinand. Why does he say the 'state totters'? And they to him are angels. Like Ariel, he resists but recognises, ‘I must obey’ (1.2.372). Caliban, we learn, tried to rape Miranda in an attempt to "people" the isle with a bunch of little Calibans (1.2). We see that Prospero really means no harm to them. Why does Caliban hate Trinculo? To th’ most of men this is a Caliban. She can’t remember ever seeing any other men besides her father and Caliban, until the shipwreck. Answer Prospero's language, heavy with unpleasant images and symbols, does yield some result; Ferdinand, in earnest, forswears his "worser genius," or any possible influence of lust and dishonor within him. Nonetheless, Ferdinand is happy to be Prospero’s prisoner because he can thus be close to Miranda. Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo are the three: the others are Prospero and Miranda. Prospero has already told the audience of Caliban's attack on Miranda. Caliban even tried to rape Prospero’s daughter, Miranda, which would have happened if it weren’t for Prospero who saved her. Where was the fleet of ships traveling from? why does caliban get mad at trinculo?

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