why singapore education system is successful

The main role of school leaders is to transform the learning environment and empower teachers to be innovative and creative, as well as being nurturing to the students. The government of Singapore believes that the only resource of the country is its people and that is why it puts a lot of emphasis on education. Holdsworth: How do teachers fit into the larger picture of Singapore’s economic success? Singapore’s Ministry of Education is continually evaluating how things are done based on the effects it has as a whole and on the students’ welfare and development. Here in Singapore, teachers are first properly screened, trained and developed professionally before finally hiring them. Singapore’s education system is the product of a distinctive, even unique, set of historical, institutional and cultural influences. Singaporeans believe that in order to be able to respond changes, the whole system needs to be reformed. Any high-performing education system in the world has good quality school leadership and teachers as one of its key components, so Singapore system is not the exception. The contribution of the NIE, the sole teacher education institute that prepares all teachers for the education system, is considered to be the key element when it comes to the preparation of a high-quality force. The main aim is to ensure that every student is provided with equal opportunities to be employable and self-supporting in his or her life journey. There have been numerous reports of students experiencing overstress and psychological problems brought about by academic pressure. To address the flaws present in the system, Singapore education reforms are coming to place in small steps. No College Degree? After 10 to 11 years of education that begins with 6 years of elementary school and continues with 4 to 5 years of secondary school, each student can choose between two vocational pathways provided by Polytechnics and Junior Colleges. Singapore has developed an education system which is centralised (des… It has consistently performed well alongside countries like Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. Singapore has a lot to teach the rest of the world; if other countries would adopt some of Singapore’s strategies, there would surely be improvement in education around the globe. In order to prepare students to be relevant with the times and be able to contribute in country’s economic development, the system proactively responds to such changes. They also rank high and have the best scores in international tests. The results of international education tests showed that Singapore has the highest-achieving primary and secondary pupils in maths and science. Today, the school system of Singapore is considered the best worldwide. The Ministry of Education in Singapore realizes this and makes heavy investments in the building up of a high-quality teaching force. The OECD ranked 15-year-old Singaporean children number one in the world in a recent global ranking of "Universal Basic Skills" in mathematics and science. Positive education is seen as a fundamental and important integration into the classroom that cultivates and shapes the way in which subjects are … Singaporean students do exceptionally well in exams and tests because of the style and standard of teaching in Singapore’s schools and universities. Whatever else it is they are doing, it certainly is working as Singaporean students are excelling in exams and international tests with graduates moving on to highly skilled jobs in different industries. The country has transformed itself from an underdeveloped country to a modern industrial economy. I have faith that it’s already moving towards the better. The main role of school leaders is to transform the learning environment and empower teachers to be innovative and creative, as well as being nurturing to the students. This goes to show how much they value education and learning. He told me that Singapore's success in another area was even more spectacular. Copyright © 2019 Natural Learning Concepts. How do they do it? The Holdsworth Center spoke with Ng about his … You Can Still Be Part of IT with Certifications, The Trials of Having a Picky Eater and How to Deal with It, The Advantages of Digital Technology in Education, Modern Learning Trends That Are Changing the Education Sector, Going Virtual: How to Operate a Ghost Restaurant. Good teachers are the pillars of a good education system, which develops the citizens and workforce of the country.

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